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Charley Reijnders
Product Designer
Works and lives in Amsterdam

Bachelor 2006/2010
ArtEZ, Arnhem,
Product Design

Master 2010/2012
Sanberg Instituut, Amsterdam, Applied Arts

Expert in conceptual product design


Charley Reijnders

Circus Elleboog

The modern youth circus Circus Elleboog has relocated his headquarters from the city center to Laan
van Spartaan, a just emerging neighbourhood in Amsterdam-West.
In collaboration with Amsterdam-based design studio Featuring, 7 students from different disciplines
researched and executed the design of the interior of the new headquarters of Circus Elleboog.
The main concept is “Staging the user from working light to spotlight”.
For the ground floor they developed 4 walls that can move in the space and define different functions during the day,
inspired by the functioning of coulisse in the theatre scene.
On the first floor they made use of the same idea in a horizontal way, generated by four
movable objects forming one block in the space. The vertical walls on the ground floor as well as
the horizontal objects on the first floor have a clean straight side and a dynamic wonderland side,
which make staging and expressing yourself in the room possible.
Additionally, the objects are collored in white and red 3referring in an abstract way to the traditional circus,
but putting it in a modern context. The typography on the walls and boxes supports the game of
two-dimensionality and three-dimensionality of the objects and space.

The other 6 students I collaborated with on this project are: Ruiter Janssen , Dennis Schuivens, Tom van Alst, Chanida Lumthaweepaisal,
Wenqian Luo and Sabine Ruitenbeek.

 front view downstairs


Front view upstairs